• PLOGLESS can be created instantly on the App and Web prototypes., The most simple prototyping tool. Also a designer, even in planner, also an engineer, you can create a wireframe and prototype in 5 minutes. You can view the actual machine, you will be able to view the screen transition and transitions like a real app.

  • In MyPage, press the Add button, and enter the prototype name.

  • In the Edit screen, press the Add button, and then upload the image. Image it can be multiple upload. When you upload an image of the same file name, it will be overwritten. Please re-read if it is not updated. Press the "x" button to delete the image. Drag and drop the part of the file name to sort the screen. When you are finished, press the "Save".

  • Estimated size of the image is below. Height is a freedom, you can scroll. Please do not include the status bar. You can download a blank screen template from below.

  • Click on the screen, you can create a link area. We will select the link destination of the screen No and transitions animation. You can edit or delete it by clicking on the previously created link. When finished, please press the "OK". Add and edit the links

  • When you add a link, UI-Box, UI-Text, UI-Image, it will shapes When you select one of the UI-Paragraph. You can also enter the text in the shapes. Add and edit shapes

  • It will show a prototype from the preview button of the prototype list or edit screen of MyPage. Prototype, you can display iOS, Android, tablet, PC Any. In the PC, you can embed the type of device and the color, share in the mail and SNS and QR code, to the site in the iframe code. In the "UI specification" screen, you can view and share the specifications of the full screen.

  • Please then "Add to Home screen" after you display in the browser. It is displayed in the same way as the real application.

  • The Settings screen, you can get the unlisted URL. You can publish a prototype list in the unlisted URL. If you have set a password for the prototype, you need to enter a password.

  • Pro is a professional plan. Prototype can be created 2 or more, and allows you to browse the password setting. plan for details.

  • You can pay by PayPal.In credit card via PayPal it supported. You can contract from the configuration screen. Contract period is one month units from the available start date will be automatically updated. Cancellation of the contract I can at any time.

  • Please check your usage details of PayPal or credit card. The credit cards details will be described as follows.

  • You can cancel at any time in the configuration screen. When surrender to return to the Free plan. Please note that after the 2 first prototype will be deleted. Contract period will not be prorated for a month unit. Cancellation method is the following.

    1. PayPal login.
    2. Click on the "Personal Settings" on my account.
    3. Click on the "pre-approved payments" in the financial information.
    4. Select the Merchant of PLOGLESS(LIQUID DESIGN).
    5. After confirming the agreement, click the "Cancel".
    6. Click "Yes".
    7. It is completed if turned canceled.
      Continued Please use in Free plan. You can always re-contract.
  • If you enter a coupon code, you can use the same functionality as the Pro. posted a coupon on
    Twitter, Facebook.

    There is an expiration date coupon. If the deadline expires to return to the Free plan. Coupon code you can use multiple at the same time. (Ex: if you use two 90 days free coupon, free 180 days) Coupon might become invalid without notice.

  • PLOGLESS has encrypt the data with SSL.

  • You can set a password to browse prototype (Pro plan).

  • You will be able to unsubscribe from the Settings My page. User information will be removed immediately.
    If you are a professional plan, you can return to the free plan When you release the PayPal. If you wish to unsubscribe, please first cancel the PayPal.